Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Then we watched Cheaters.

Ok here's a thought. Life isn't complicated and miserable enough when you think your mate is cheating. Illicit someone to follow them and tape them cheating. Watch them wait till you are at work, and then see them out and about with someone else. Having sex even.

"Here's your boyfriend having sex with someone else...Not you. See him naked there thrusting and sweating all over her? Oh, that sucks. Let's go tell him how much it sucks."

So the camera goes with the victim to where the cheater is. He or she is confronted. The cheater is barraged by television cameras, the Cheaters host..and of course the victim. It ends badly. Always.

Finding out someone is cheating is the most devastating heart-wrenching event you may ever experience. Why would anyone in their right mind want that televised?


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