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I have a huge list of bookmarks. I've always kept a huge list of bookmarks. But..alas, things get Microsoftalacious once in a while and you lose them. I was perusing through other people's blogs (as you do) and found one of my all-time favorites that I'd lost and forgotten about. It's the Gallery of Regrettable Food. (Hit "Recipe Books" for the best pics). A collection of the most ridiculous pictures from old recipe books. The most disgusting lard ridden collection of real life Betty Crockerville edible nightmares you can imagine. The author's comments are what make the site so fun, really.

"Food? Wax model? Or some ingenious gear made out of pesto, capable of floating on a cushion of air and moving itself around the table like a hovercraft? Note the salt & pepper shakers, which hail from that brief vogue for "Space: 1999"-inspired tableware."

and this gem...

"To remind them they're men, make sure to embed a batch of wriggling, erect weiners in a sea of beans."

and make sure you have all the necessary equipment for the recipe..

"Note: the most important item in this book is the small house-mold in the upper left-hand corner. You do have one of those, don’t you? No? Well, then it’s a trip to the craft store. You’ll need some sheets of aluminum, shears, soldering iron, crimping tools, and a welder’s mask. All set? good. Now we can begin."

lastly, my favorite..

"Remember: if your guests are as drunk as you are, just shove stuff in a glass and dump sugar on a plate. They're just going to throw it up anyway."

What have you been doing tonight? lol


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