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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Gearing up for tomorrow. I feel like it's going to be a trying day.

Anne called me at home tonight, she wasn't at work today (Ball addressing) and was dying to know the scoop. We talked for a long time, and she is convinced too that Gail is no more. Things are just really really weird. I'm sure the atmosphere tomorrow will be very subdued and quiet. It will be interesting to see what Gail spends her day doing.

I feel bad in some ways. I know a lot of people out of work, and it's a depressing time to be looking for a job right now. High level managers like herself are a dime a dozen in the unemplyment line. And if the Board allows her to take the high road and resign, she won't get any unemployment at all...but in her field, past successes are everything. If you're a fired fund raiser, it means you couldn't bring in the money. Fund raising is all she's ever done. She's just not very good at it, at least not anymore. Maybe back in the day she was something, but now she is hindering the process. She doesn't support us, or our ideas. We are working hard, and getting things done, the events are successful and bringing in lots of money. It's not that "our boss is mean or we just want to not have a boss so we can fuck around all day. We are a young, creative group and we have great ideas that the community loves. My job is actually fun. But she makes it not fun. We all love the library, we want to give the library LOTS of money. We want good relations between the library and the Friends, and that relationship sucks right now, because of Gail. The City Librarian hates us. They think we are wasting money, we think they are wasting money. The library is in dire straights and looking to the Friends for a lot more money than we gave them last year. That's impossible without some serious work..and Gail just wants to sit on her ass all day playing solitaire, sleeping and reading in the lounge and maybe once in a while call her "buddies" (who don't even bother to call her back) at the Colorado Rockies and Denver Broncos and try to schoomze them into donating she doesn't have to actually "do" anything. And no one gives her anything. Her ideas are pie in the sky and they never materialize. There's only 7 of us, the Friends. We're all quite close, and we're formidable when we work together. We work really hard to give lots of money to the library, and we are so happy that maybe now we can start over and breathe some life into this dying entity. And I'll tell you what...even though we are all tiptoe-ing around the office and each other..we are rejoicing.


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