Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Feeling a little better today. Last night was not great. Up a few times..burning up with a fever. Mark was so kind, putting a fan on me, rubbing my back and getting some cold water at 3 in the morning. It helped me cool down and calm down, and finally got some decent sleep. I woke up late tho. I think I'm having vacation syndrome. After today, gone till September 5. yahoo, mtn dew.

We did end up playing scrabble, I lost of course. I give him a lot of leeway tho, just cause I dont want to argue about words like "pax" and "raj". I figure if he's gonna give me a passionate argument about it, hell..let him have it. He always wins anyway.

Lots of loose ends to tie up here at work. later gator.


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