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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I am working! I hate working at home. It's the tour. The list. Oh god.

Someday I will tell you about the ball list. The booklover's Ball. Thisevent is insane. Did I write about it last year? Lemme go see.

"The Ball is Friday. Black Tie. Biggest event of the year for the Library. Isn't that pathetic? We're both volunteering. Man, I hope things are cool. Cause I just don't feel like they are right now. It's a sold out event and tickets were $10,000 per table of ten. Geees, some people have w-a-y too much money. "


"The Ball was..blah. Mark ended up leaving. Long story. Just blah."

Now I remember. That was very blah. Big misunderstanding. I thought that was it.

I remember now, my apartment was getting broke into regularly around Ball that was my focus. I hate going back andreading old shit. My life truly was a mess, people.

also found this there:
"Went to and took a test. Turns out my perfect rockstar boyfriend is Kurt Cobain. How fitting. My perfect boyfriend committed suicide."

I really would rather remand all those memories to some dark recess that is unreachable. I seriously cannot go back and read blogs from last year. The V mess, the SFO mess, the compost woman, the 53 mess..and of course the Asian Invasion. Among many others.

Here and now. To go, please.


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