Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Mmm I love it when dinner smells waft through the house.

Barbqueing chicken on George Foreman, and fried potatoes and onions cooking in a skillet. Hello, I'm white trash.

Work has been surprisingly busy. Tomorrow is the last parks tour and I have to go check people in and make sure they're up on all their shots. lol. Should be back to the office around 9:30...then our first staff meeting sans the conch. I'm just counting the hours till vaca.

It rained all day today..what a nice change from the heat. But now it feels sticky. I don't know what's worse. I know these little old ladies are hoping it doesn't rain through the tour tomorrow. Too bad, so sad.

Funny this..our new Board president is a rancher that lives Quite A Ways Out and so we communicate with him largely by email. He's an earthlink customer, and we just found out today earthlink just recently blacklisted a TON of domains (including the library) and is not accepting email from them any longer. If you're on earthlink and not getting certain email, that's why. So earthlink doesn't like email from the Library. We're such spammers, you know.

Gotta go. Dinner's sizzling.


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