Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Woo hoo...Friday night. Love it.

Gonna have some foodie and go check a club nearby that we haven't been to yet. Hopefully we can find an open pool table and air conditioning. Katie has Vanessa over and Emma is following them around like a puppy. We told her we were going to be going out for a while later and she said "Bye!" We said.."no, later.." again she said "ok, bye!" *sigh. We'll be missed...really we will.

Watching the Weakest Link and wondering why I'm not on there.

Laura, I suppose you are right. Now that you've said it, I'm glad I can't be catagorized. As soon as I obtain I label, I want to wiggle out from under it.

And just for good measure:
This is funny.


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