Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


For the record, I have stayed awake for multiple movies this weekend. Watched "Screwed" on cable (skip it), "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" (dont miss it) on the computer, and "My Life as a House" (bring a tissue) on cable today.

We took Emma home to Mommy's today..I wasn't quite ready for it to be non-Emma day again so soon. She "fills the house" as Mark says. I'm already missing those multiple baskets of toy kitties everywhere, and the pieces of pop-tarts left here and there. Emma time passes too quickly.

Daniel is at Emily's, they are becoming quite the couple. They went to a football game together on Thursday night, and tonight are watching a movie at her house. I got a good glimpse of her today, cute..plain.

Katie and Charlie went to more indi movies last night at the college downtown. She said they were all weird and kinda creepy, but that they loved them. Tonight they are hanging at Charlies doing homework..yee haw.

Mark and I are heading out to find new places to play pool and drink decent beer. I'm pushing for dinner too, we'll see.


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