Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Moving and shaking going on at the ol' blogroll.

Library people continue to visit. Let's play the "find myself in Nell's blog" game.

A - please. We only nod and smile to get you to shut up. $1000 dress? "Hello, I'm a pretentious bitch."
M - 144,000 beans and counting. You gonna make it in the big quickbooks in the sky? Don't count on it. You guys got it all wrong. I'll wave.
L - Yes, this is my real ass. But my laugh is manufactured.
B - Did you leave your upper lip on the farm somewhere? Yee haw.
B - Get that stick out of your ass. Don't break a nail doing it tho.
M - Never was there a more pious woman that roamed the planet. Get a job, lazy ass. Your family ain't all that, believe me.
P - Just shut the fuck up already. Leave the baby talk to the babies.
R - It's time to go. You're done. You messed it up and now it's over. I can't wait to laugh at the next round of cuts, cause you know it's coming, geek boy.
G - What a worthless waste of upper echelon. Write a book someone will read next time.

Ok. that's out of my system for now.

A howdy dooty to Tracie from Madrianna's Journal (by invitation only..kinda kooky)
who came by and said nice things on the guestmap.

Also to positivenegativ and Tyler at Just another day who signed the guestmap and are linked over there. There. No..further..lower..lower. Yea, there.

I think I will go watch a movie. You can do that at midnight in the world of the unemployed-and-still-being-paid. buwaha.


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