Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Sunday night. I hate Sunday night. Sitting around thinking about the week ahead. Bleh. 6 days till DC. Yikes. We can't find our travel Scrabble.

Heading out to a new place tonight, gonna either try the Arvada Tavern or the Grandview Grill. Both divey holes in the wall, with pool tables. We really want to go back to the Rockette Tavern but they seriously have no drinkable beer. The exotic beers are heineken, fosters and rolling rock. Umm, no. The first time we went in they had Fat Tire, but now have decided to quit carrying it. Idiots. Bye. This is such a "I'll have a Bud Light with my mullet" town.

And the winner, of the "Worst Taste Award" for the Harvest Festival Parade is this gem:

Yes, that's the twin towers. On fire.


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