Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


My hair looks absolutely fabulous. Mark just shakes his head when I stand in the bathroom mirror and say "i just dont know how anyone could be as good looking as me". lol - hey, our esteem has to come from somewhere.

I've used the same haircolor for years and years...same brand, same shade. I waited far too long between times tho this time - it had gotten so dull..and I think that had a big factor in how unhappy I've been with my hair lately. It was so bland and blah. Now Im inspired again. Now it's the most lovely shade of blonde with just the tiniest touch of red. Fabulous.

And I started my period. Aren't we excited about that? Well, Mark is. I knew it was "coming" and he was worried he'd be driving 1700 miles across the country with a crabby bitch. Now I can just be a crabby bitch at home.

Can't believe we leave in a week. Awesome.


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