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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Amanda said I shouldn't call tonight, cause dad was leaving at 4am to go to Nevada to see Jimmy, my stepbrother. She said I should write him a card and ask him to call me. Groan.

Cindi: yeah-- so why don't you call and ask him over for dinner? I'll come.... and so would amanda....
Danelle: im afraid
Cindi: what would be the worst that would happen?
Cindi: you would have tried and then you'd try again another time
Cindi: do you just want to call him and just say hi, or do you want to say other things, or do you want to say you want to change things or what
Danelle: i want to say that not talking to each other is stupid. and i feel stupid for not calling for so long
Cindi: I don't know that I would use the word stupid....
Danelle: i would rather just pick up and go, and never talk about it.

Cindi: ah yes.... welcome to how our family deals with things... avoid the issues at all costs

Danelle: mark and i were talking about it, and the issue here is that there's no issue really.
Danelle: same with mom. It's not like there's an argument that needs to be settled. I just cant stand her negativity
Danelle: and dad was being ridiculously meddling and I got tired of it
Danelle: they both act like im still 12
Cindi: you know there are some people (a lot, actually) that believe the things we find fault with in others are the things we don't like about ourselves
Danelle: i tend to agree..about some things. But im certainly not meddlesome or negative.
if anything im too flippant
Cindi: parents are like that-- everyone's parents
Cindi: bite the bullet and say something
Danelle: thats exactly what i did with mom, made the effort, offered the olive branch. and the response was "yea, whatever".
Cindi: it takes lots of little branches
Cindi: feelings are hurt on both sides so neither person wants to admit they acted immaturely, that's true with just about any relationship
Danelle: well, i dont even have his number
Cindi: 720-***-****
Cindi: so there
Danelle: ugh
Danelle: i just hate the estrangement. i'm fine with dad, mostly. i just cant get over this shit
Danelle: mom makes me insane but i feel so bad for her. i can't imagine me being nearly 70 and none of my kids talking to me. i would be suicidal if i lived her life
Cindi: so remember that when you get to be in your 60s and call your kids every week and bug the heck out of them
Cindi: okay--I need to go
Danelle: ok.
Danelle: thanks
Cindi: may the force be with you
Danelle: bleh.


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