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I remembered tonight that some weeks ago I suspected my sister had a blog, so I went looking for it. If you know someone's usual user id (usually email id), you can sometimes find their blog. sneaky...I wont divulge any secrets by saying for example, Denny's email address is It's listed publically on his blog, and probably elsewhere. It's also his yahoo messenger id, also public knowledge. It's his standard id. So if I suspected he had a private blog, I could try And you know what? Bingo, we have a winner. That IS his blog address.

So..when I was suspicious that my sister had a secret blog (lol) I used one of her more common (and public) id's and went to What I found wasn't my sister, but was very interesting. It's a guy who is experimenting with polyphasic sleeping. (aka The Uberman's Sleep Schedule, sleeping briefly several times a day to gain longer and more productive awake periods). It was a log of his trying to adjust to minimal sleeping. A website I found says this about polyphasic sleeping:

The Uberman's Sleep Schedule
"...The Uberman's sleep schedule revolves around forcing yourself to rely on six twenty to thirty minute naps spread throughout the day for your daily dose of sleep..."
..."Adjusting to this schedule (as you might imagine) will make you feel like you've put your body and mind through a blender for a few weeks..."
.."The obvious first benefit is more free time. I currently clock in between two hours and fifty minutes and three hours and ten minutes of sleep per twenty four hour period. Compared to my previous sleep cycles (roughly nine hours a night), I have an incredible amount of time to do things that I wished I had time to do before I switched..."

So over at I found not my sister, but folks who are trying to sleep 3 hours a day and get through life. The blog seems to have been abandoned the blog on September 12. Maybe he's sleeping in...


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