Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh well, aren't we having a good time.

Came home from my sister's book fair just in time to see the last part of The Amazing Race. Tramel and Talicia were eliminated..too bad, I really want to see those Harvard girls get booted. bleh.

The fair was uneventful, a few people in and out. I was surprised how much money some of these parents spent on books. Sheesh, people! Mostly I worked on Cindi's blog. No small feat considering I have never used an iMac before. I will henceforth be calling it an iAck, thank you very much. I did what I could there, but became so frustrated..that I had to finish at home. Go check it's coolio. She reads most of you, now you all be nice and do the same.

My sister's library was fun, as expected. She always had a knack for dressing up a classroom. She was a bit grouchy at first cause she thought someone had stolen a $25 light up Broncos hat, but then later someone found that was a relief.

The kids are out of school until next Tuesday. 'Fall Break'. Fall Break? What the hell is that? It's called "Teachers Need a Break" is what it is. "Dear Parents. We've had your students for a few weeks now and they're driving us crazy. Please keep them at home for a few days."

It's getting so close to Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. Some of the neighbors have decorated their houses so it looks like this is a "trick or treat friendly" place to be. Remember last year, not one damn person came to my apartment. We called it Hallowasn't. Emma will have a good time charming the neighbors out of their stash.

Oh no. Katie and Charlie are making coffee.


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