Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Bleh. The Halloween pumpkin brought me the gift of the blahs.

I am listing a few more things on my new best friend Ebay. Getting the bowls and some other things ready to ship that ended yesterday. I've made $100 on $16 in the past week. Not too shabby. Packaging and shipping is the worst part. I really need to go procure some more boxes, somewhere.

I need to take a shower and get some stuff done around the house, it's really gone to crap the past couple of days. It's just so cold and dreary that it makes me want to just curl up and channel surf. I started watching what looked to be a decent movie last night (Panic - with William Macy) but of course after about 30 mins..ZZzzzz.

Mark is on his way back home from picking up Emma. Apparently she had a poopy accident right after mommy dropped her off, so they had to take some extra time to get her cleaned up. They went to Taco Bell after that so Emma could settle down and they could start driving back on a good note. I hope she sleeps some inthe car, I'm sure she's already wound up to the hilt from her school party today. Cindi came over and brought her a Halloween Beanie Baby, she'll love that.

Time to make the donuts.

PS, Alan..I've been here, where are you?


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