Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Going going GONE! $57.01. Wow. Im stoked.

Im also tired. and bored. And crampy and headachy. And I am a joy to be around.

Not accompanying the british man on the trek to pick up the halloween kitten tomorrow, I have to stay home and help Daniel put a costume together for what..I dont know. He doesn't know either. All he knows is that he's going to do "something." I'm afraid he's gonna go up to Ridge Home with a bunch of kids and poke around. It is an old (very creepy) mental home near here but it has been closed for ages. It has old decrepit buildings, broken window, the perfect halloween gathering for teenagers. Actually, I'd like to go take some pictures up there. I might just do that. But not tomorrow, no thank you. I like to be scared, sure..but Im not gonna go inviting the paranormal into my surroundings. Nuh uh.

We've got a little fire in the fireplace and I think I just want to go lay in front of it on the couch and chill.

Oh, btw Happy 17th birthday CHARLIE!


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