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What a day, what a day.

First, the ebay update. Copper bowls are at $31. The golf shoes went for $20 at "buy it now." I only had them listed for ONE day! I should have listed em for more. But feh. I'm still very pleased.

We left the house early this morning to run over to the Stupid Thrift Store That Was Closed On Sunday to pick up the amber dish that I should have bought on Saturday. Then went to a Sally we've only been to once before and picked up mucho books: (This is all of them listed and ready to be put away. blech.)

Then Mark came home and I headed out wtih Kt to go get her REAL license, which we got without a hitch. Now she is a regular licensed driver. Watch out! She hates driving on the freeway so I made her take I-70 and I-25 all the way to Charlie's house. hee. She did fine. In rush hour no less. I went to the post office (35 items!) and then went to three thrift stores and didn't get home until 7. Got a couple of fun things I think.

I have to relate something funny about Katie. She's normally not a skittish person at all, it takes a lot to rile her, and she sloughs off most scary things with a roll of the eyes. Well, Saturday night her and Charlie went to go see The Ring. She said she was scared to death! Then Sunday she got up and everyone was gone. She said she was just cleaning the kitchen and kept hearing things. She said it sounded like people moving furniture around in the garage. Then the phone rang, and it was her friend Vanessa. She said she was too freaked out to talk to her. Then she started hearing voices, again she thought from the garage. Phone rings again. Wrong number. She hangs it up and it rings AGAIN. She said it was making beeping noises. She said she was totally freaking out and took her phone outside to the Corsica and sat in there, called Charlie and insisted he come over immediately, and she sat in the car and waited for him. Squeeee! I've GOT to see this movie!

About a hundred people signed the guestmap lately. Ok, 4.

Howdy do to you, Emperor Norton, Kent, (who came to see me through my very good buddy Phil)...Zardoz (no web address - another knife fiend, I mean friend) and Diana who came all the way from Mexico. She says her life is a mess too, but her site is in Spanish so I can neither confirm or deny.

Now Im getting tired finally, in spite of several diet pepsi's and some coffee. I think I will go and read. I'm reading a book I got out of the "library" The Walk West. I read the first book, The Walk Across America and I loved it. (voyeur, non fiction me.) THEN. Someone went and ordered the book from us. Heh. I made Mark cancel the order (it was only .75) cause I had told him not to list it in the first place. I'm only halfway through Texas so far, the nerve.


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