Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Whew! Listed a buttload of stuff on ebay..and took pictures of the stuff I'm listing later. I could list everything at once, but that means all the auctions finish at once and that's no fun at all. Much better to spread them out so it's not so daunting to ship everything.

Found some wonderful things today..some sherry glasses that I'm pretty sure will fetch a good price. Others similar go for around $35 on auction, these were $3 for 8. I found some pfaltzgraff china that was a steal, and some brand new in the box golf shoes. Yes, I know nothing about golf shoes except that these particular ones retail online for $160, the last pair like this went for $45 on ebay, and I got them for $2. That's all I need to know about golf shoes.

My copper bowls that I fretted over paying $5 for 2 days ago are already at $10.50. this is so damn fun! I had some auctions end recently and so I just deposited $19 into the bank on items that totalled $3 in expense for me. Squeee!

Oh, what else, what else.

Was feeling poorly about some things earlier, but after a nice build up from those that matter, I feel much better. Was reminded that I have done nothing wrong, and I shouldn't change a thing.

Some think that blogging is a dangerous weapon, and I suppose it can be, in the wrong hands.


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