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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Today was sorta kinda blah, and sorta kinda good.

Mark left early for mega errands. Had to return Jane's pc that he fixed (in one day, mind her insistence.) Oh please, can you fix it tonight...?! hee hee hee..I'll pay anything!! puke. So he did, charged her $90 and she gave him that, plus a nice bonus. (more money! be NICE!) Then he also had to get the Rug Doctor back to the store, and go get Emma in Fairplay.

I will say after actually meeting Jane I don't feel any weirdness at all about her. She was Amazonian, and wears a ridiculous amount of makeup. Wrong wrong wrong color foundation with even wronger color powder caked on top of that. She had this death line of colors around her jawbone that was absolutely garish.

I stayed home from the Emma drive and my only plans were to go to the post office to mail the batch of books we had sold in the past few days. (31 books!) Then, I got the mail and saw that YET AGAIN the Social Security Administration had denied Katie a *duplicate* SS Card because she did not insert the proper documentation. This was the SECOND time she'd submitted the request.


I looked up the address and drove to the office and proceded to raise some hell. I was going on about how this 16 year old girl was trying taking the initiative to handle the things she needs like an adult. In early September she printed an application from the SSA Website, filled it out, gathered the documents they said she needed and mailed it off. no go. documentation not good enough. So again on her own, she resubmitted. Nada. I was so fucking pissed when the mail came today. I felt like someone had slapped Katie's face right in front of me for no reason.

It's all straightened out. cough.

Then I went to the post office. We usually use the Arvada po where they know us and know what we're doing. They're great, and fast. Well, I saw a po down by SSA so I went there. Biiig mistake. This post office is to be further known as "where very skinny, very pretty girls in short skirts are allowed to butt in line".
Finally, my turn. The guy was new, and did not understand what I was saying.

"I need to mail these books"
"Is there anything liquid or breakable in here?"

(umm no, I left all my liquid, breakable books at home.)

"I need these all to go Media Mail, unless it's cheaper to send them First Class"
(some packages are so light that they cost less than the standard $1.42 Media Mail fee)
"Well, are any of them going to go first Class?"
"Some probably will, the lighter ones"
"Oh, so if it's light, it might be cheaper to send it First Class, and you want to use the cheapest method possible"
*A minute later
"This one is $1.52 to go First Class compared to $1.42 for Media Mail, do you want it to go First Class?"


Fun. So then I went to Goodwill where I found nothing but dirty people and rude women who stand in the middle of the aisle and pretend they don't see you trying to get around them.

Then I went to arc and found some really pretty pfastzgraff black china that I am slapping on ebay tomorrow. I already have several auctions up right now, and I don't want them all to end at the same time. The copper bowls I got the other day are already at $7.50! whee! I could get into this.

Survivor was great. I was cheering and hollering when Robb got voted off. I really thought Shianne was gone. But no one fell for Robb's stupid "life changing revelation" and I am happy happy happy. The merge is soon, and the tribes are even. I just wish damn Chuy Guan would find their boat! It's right THERE!


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