Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


No one is posting. Why. Why. Why.

Emma lost another one of her little spacers. You'd think for $1000 they'd stay in longer than a weekend, huh?

We went to a fun little halloween festivity put on by Village Homes today. They had a pumpkin patch, some crafts, free starbucks (helloo!!!), free cotton candy and free popcorn. We also took a hayride with some very weary horses. I took some pictures, I will post them in a little while..first i need coffee. Everyone that came to the party also got a free pumpkin, so so far we've had zero cost for our halloween fun. Now if someone would just plop 10 or 15 pounds of candy at my front door to give away to the kiddies, all would be grand.

Tomorrow is Emma exchange day, we got a little extra cause she didn't have school today. Nice to have the whole Sunday to do stuff without driving for 4 hours. We're also going to get Katie's official license, she passed the test but couldn't actually *get* the license till she'd had her permit for 6 months. Then Katie has a dentist appointment at 4:30 that will cost me another $150.00 in installment payment. No fun no fun no fun.


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