Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I think my sinus infection is on the mend. I no longer have the pain and pressure of 35 elephants on my face, but now the draining has begun and I feel as if I am drowning in my own snot. Isn't that lovely.

The little british man just left to go get the midget. We're going to go to the little farm down the street on Saturday and see their pumpkin patch. Emma has a dentist appointment tomorrow, this one is to put spacers in where they took her teeth out. Not pleasant, we're told. Even less pleasant will be trying to arrange a payment plan with the dentist after the work is done. (You always wait till after the work is done to tell them you don't have all the money today...duh.) Hopefully she'll do fine, but if she's not up for the pumpkins, we have no other plans for the weekend except to just chill out.

I need to find a job. I send resumes out like a crazy person and there is no response. Oh, I get the "we got your resume and are reviewing it" nonsense, but that's it. I have started the ball rolling to start substitute teaching, but that's a long process. Par for the course, it will probably all come together just in time for summer break.

I have the house to myself. Gonna go enjoy it.


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