Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


It's almost time for the Amazing Race...yee haw. Scoff as ye will, I liketh.

I ran errands galore today, and yet got very little accomplished. I got an Emissions test on the Hyundai, which went fine except when I got to the license plate office, they told me the emissions testing office was supposed to do some VIN Verification or some shit that they didn't do. Which will cost extra... of course. It doesn't really matter because the dealer is Washington DC didn't sign everything he needed to to enable me to get my plates.... thank you very much. So I got a 30 day temporary tag to give me time to sort it out.

Also went by the laundromat with just enough quarters to do 2 loads, and jiminy christmas...I didn't bring any soap. Hellooo! I had to scrounge the car and my planner for 2 more quarters for a tablespoon of soap from the vending machine. Cripes.

Also had to go to the post office (books, books books!) and was supposed to go to the grocery store, but I was so dragged out from all the other stuff that I didn't make it. Tomorrow, maybe.

I removed some links in the blogroll. If you're looking for something that you used to read, email me for the url. I'm hoping susan is cool with me removing easy bake coven, cause I still have her other site linked, and that's the one I actually read most regularly. I love you, Susan..really!


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