Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


More book buying today. Hit the E. Colfax Sally Army and hauled off about 160 books or so, for about 14$. We woke up this morning to 8 waiting orders, and got three more while packaging those for the post office. Life is good, indeed.

We are meeting Drew at the Cheshire Cat this evening, he's got the last bits of things from my desk at DPL to give me, and said he was in the mood for some fine brit beer. I like Drew a lot, I hope we stay friends, normally you leave a job and never see or talk to those people again. Which in this case, is *fine* with me. I'll be gloating like a mofo this Saturday night while they're all acting like dumbasses at the ball. (By the way, might want to show up on have a knack for coming late to your own events. Tacky, very tacky.)

Need to go to the laundromat tomorrow, the washer is on the fritz again...beyond repair we think this time. Amanda has my grandma's old washer that she isn't using that we are going to make arrangements to acquire soon..but for now I wash at the laundromat and dry at home. Do what ya gotta. Also have to go get an extension of my temporary plates for the Elantra tomorrow. Looks like it'll be errand day.

As is the protocol here at MLIAM, I have to shout howdy doo to the guestmap visitors. We're up to 40!

Ms. Mackenzie who says she came here via Fussy, which is cool cause I'm pretty sure Ms. Fussy doesn't read here. Must have been an errant comment or something that got the Mackenzie hopping to here. Cool beans.

Also, Cindy from Holland, no webpage listed. Welcome all! I love when people hop around comments and links and land here. Expecially when they leave a note saying so.

Time to get ready for brew..more fall pics loading up tonight. See ya then..


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