Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh, man there's been people guestmapping and I have been oblivious. (the game show you don't even know you were on!....nevermind)
First, my bf buddy WayLander. A late nighter like me...we were chatting the other night at around 3am Gotta love that.
Also, bobbi who came here via "fortysomething"..(over there on the list.). She has a cute blog that's fun to read. Probably will become a regular there.
Then we have Heather that didn't like my confederate flag diatribe, but had other nice things to say.
And this was the nicest of all, a note from CJ in Missouri:
"Enjoyed your pictures immensely, the rest of your site too. Thank you for sharing the pics especially, I went to college in Boulder for a year and a half, miss Colorado so much. Love the Rocky Mtns., Mount Evans, Pikes Peak, Sand Dunes, you name it... Colorado has it! Thank you, thank you for the pictures, made me feel at "home" again and brought tears to my eyes for the memories. "



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