Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Im not posting. Why I dont know.

Emma has already had one of her little spacer thingies come out. It was weird, we had just got through telling her that if one should ever come out, to try not to swallow it and take it to a grown up. Not 2 minutes later she's got one in her hand. Bleh.

We had a busy but unproductive day of arc, sally army, grocery store, bank, laundromat. Bought nothing at the thrift stores except a littlest pet shop love birds and cage for Emma. She's so addicted to those littlest petshop dudes! She first named the lovebirds "Mommy and Daddy" because every toy we buy has to have (in Emma's words) a "sensible name". [I'm thinking someone finally tired of her naming all her pets "gillobi" and "dry-ina", etc. For example..her mice names are Picky, Drawry, Aitra and Aiwa. I think the explanation someone told her of "sensible names" worked, because today she named a stuffed animal of mine "Steve".]

So anyway, as she was gayly singing loudly and dancing animatedly around the thrift store with her new toy, she started singing "mommy and daddy are lovebirds, lovebirds, lovebirds...mommy and daddy are lovebirds, lovebirds.." Mark and I laughed hard and then gently suggested we rename the lovebirds. After a brief "awww...!" she was satisfied with naming them mommy and laura. lol.

Didnt buy a thing at Sally Army, we just missed the closing of the bank, went and did a load of Daniel's laundry and came home. Wow! Action packed! How do I keep up?! And now, as if that wasn't enough activity and stress I have to keep my eyes out for an ice bucket with a lid at a thrift store for Cindi. I'll go mad! oh...AND. Find a truck to help get Mandy's old washer to my house. SOON. Lordy.


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