Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


For those of you following along, the copper bowls are at $20.25! Still 4 days to go. Insanity.

Cindi came over and we tweaked her blog a bit, and added a tagboard. Go see. While she was here she was looking at digital cameras on ebay and bid on one that only had 50 mins left, and got it. It's nice...and she got a great deal. Ebay is our FRIEND!

Daniel is at Dan's and Katie is out with Charlie. It's nice. Katie just called and said her and Charlie saw The Ring, and that it was fabulous, and really scary. Mark is so against going to the theater for any movie, cause we cal always download them the day they come out..but I really want to see this one in the theater. I think I'm gonna have to just kidnap him to go. I wanna go this week, while it's spooky and halloweeny.

I'm washing clothes and it's FABULOUS.


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