Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Well, today we had gran intentions for getting up early and getting some things done. Then we stayed up till 4 am, and all that went out the window. We rolled out of bed near 1pm, just when the grannies showed up to get an assessment on the house, so they can re-fi. Mark thought they were coming tomorrow and we were totally caught unprepared. The house was clean except for our bedroom tho, everything on the floor went right in the closet and it looked fine.

We dallied around till the kids got home from school and took Katie driving again. Sally Army has clothes for 75 cents on Wednesdays and Katie was dying to go over there. She found enough stuff to total 11 dollars! We hit the grocery store and came home just in time for Enterprise.

We made my famous Nachos for dinner (An entire block of Velveeta, a jar of chunky salsa, a can of no bean chili, a tub of sour cream - crock pot, one hour - to die for), made a fire in the fireplace and watched the season premiere of The Amazing Race. We were so happy that the soccer moms lost. Yee Haw. Any team that calls themselves the 'soccer moms' deserves to leave with their tail between their legs.
"We're so happy, we set a goal for ourselves and we did it. We always tell our kids they can be anything they want, just look at us!"
Um, hi. You just lost. On the first day. sheesh.

Then we made coffee and retreated to our respective computers to do..whatever.

Life is fabulous.


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