Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We're all finally feeling better, so we got out and about today and got some errands done. Post office (It's like 3x a week), and then to two different Sally Army's for books. Certain days certain stores have books for $1 a bag, or there abouts. So we picked up $11 worth of books (a lot) and then came home and listed them. One of them has already listed for 80 bucks, so it's been a good day.

Katie drove all the way to Northglenn and didn't do too bad. She even had to deal with some quick merges and construction back-ups. Her test is Monday. I didn't pass the first time, and neither did Amanda, so we'll see what happens. Amanda actually got into an accident in the parking lot before her driving test started. You'd have to know Amanda to believe this...all true.

Now just sitting down to sip some coffee and see what's on the tube. It's been raining buckets since mid afternoon, which is good because the new watering restrictions went into effect today. No watering. At all. Ever. Man, the golf courses are green tho.


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