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"What's this?"
"It's a salad fork."

Good lord, are you people watching Anna Nicole? The critics hate this show. Lots of people hate this show. Most view her as an empty-headed dumb fuck. She's anything but, really. I've always watched the show with a kind of "car-wreck" mentality. It's really really horrible, but you can't look away.

But lately I've gained a lot of respect for this woman. I find her endearing and yet sedated. I feel sorry for her more than anything else, she has a hard life, truly. The broadness between her Hollywood self and her home self is huge. Tonight she went from being glamorous and witty on the Tonight Show, to driving home in the limo, demanding that they pull over so she can get a pickle somewhere.

She walked out on a radio station interview where the DJ's asked her such things akin to: "Why have you gotten so fat?" "Are you on drugs?"
Granted, as I said above..I find her personality to be "sedated". She reminds me of someone on serious downers, but she's not. That's her. All the time. She was so offended at the DJ's line of questions that she up and left after just a couple of minutes. I think that was a pivotal moment when I started thinking differently about this show. I liked it before for it's car wreck quality, but now I like it because I just like her.

Her country bumpkin cousin visited this week, she's a cartoon in and of herself. She was missing an entire row of teeth, and wondered why the hell they gave her all those forks in the restaurant. When she first arrived no one would talk to her and she stood at the front door all afternoon. She was so pathetic and larger than life..Howard finally talked Anna into taking her out to dinner. She talked incessantly. She talked animatedly about how her ob/gyn sexually abused her. Her demeanor and personality lended itself to a made-up, acted out stereotype of stupid southern women. Laughable. I was awed that women like existed that were so left out from society (who's, ours?) and clueless. Forgotten, really.

I'm pretty sure Anna Nicole gave her some money when she left, there was a knowing exchange that seemed to convey as much.


We're all so sick. The living room is a war zone of pillows, blankets, coffee cups, soda cans, tv remotes, tissues, etc. etc..
Katie is walking through the house with the collar of her shirt up over her nose and mouth...she's the only one who isn't sick. We have meddies, tho. It's keeping us sane.


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