Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


groan. I have to do this magazine article today and I haven't even started. I got an email from the Ed. last night and it just said "Crunch Time." Translated: Hurry up!

I have to also go back to one of the thrift stores we went to yesterday, we bought a buggy full of books and LEFT them there. We were so busy with the wonderful recliner we got for $5 that we forgot all about them. Luckily they are holding em. Sheesh.

Mark just left to take the midge to the dentist. They have to be there at 10 to start the sedation, even tho her appt isn't until 11, then I think it's a two hour appt after that. She was so chipper and in a good mood when they left, it made me sad that she might be hurting later. But I've got lots of goodies waiting when she wants em, stuff she wont have to chew and a movie "The Road to El Dorado" that I taped for her earlier in the week that she doesn't know about yet. Poor Mark's gonna be bored out of his mind, I'm sure..sitting there for at least 3 hours. Sent him with a cooler of sodas and snacks he can nosh all day.

Daniel has found his new niche with this Diamond Back bike he found at the thrift store. It was $6 and we found it elsewhere online for anywhere from 80 to 154 dollars! He had to buy new tubes for it, then got the chain totally screwed up but Mark fixed it. He also bought new grips for the handlebars which now makes the cost of the repairs to the bike more than the price of the bike itself.

He found some hills nearby where kids go to ride these bikes on hills and jumps, etc. He was gone from the time school let out yesterday until 9:00 at night, with a few "check in's" here and there. Scarfed dinner in about 5 minutes, did his chores in nothing flat and was *whoosh* gone again. I'm glad he found something fun like that to spend his free time on. He's always so damn bored. Did you know these style of bikes have no brakes?

Heading out now to the thrift store and grocery store. Promised Amanda a gift card from King Soopers to tide her over for a while.

Have a fun day!


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