Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Great. We have rodents, you know. On purpose.

A big fat rat named Louie, a gerbil named Tanya and 3 mice named Picky, Aitra and Aiwa.

Louie is a big softie, nuzzling and closing his eyes when you scratch behind his ears. His favorite treat is pop tarts (See, even our rat eats em, kellycaldwell!). The mice are cute and fuzzy, busy bodies but pretty tame to hold. The spend their nights moving their bedding here and there, spinning in their wheel (yes all three at the same time) and running up and down the ramps in their cage.

Tanya is a strange creature. She's never been fond of human interaction, and eats/chews/destroys anything and everything you put in her cage. Her food bowl is mostly chewed, she has a plastic 3-story condo in her cage that she refuses to leave upright, preferring instead to continue to knock it over and make it a ranch style. She has chewed this too, modified it to make the windows bigger, and chewed thoroughly all around the roof. Her cage also has a piece of pvc pipe that is gnarled to bits.

Tonight Daniel had her out for a while, and she started to bite him. He hollered and Mark jumped over to help. He grabbed Tanya by the tail (approved method) and she got away and Mark was left with this in his hand:


Here's Tanya now, with her abbreviated tail(yes the bone is still sticking out..I'm so grossed out):

(That white mangled thing in the front is her food

The excitement never ends.


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