Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Well, we had a fun thrift store kinda day. Spent not a lot of money on some really fun stuff. Got these beads for little miss you know who:

and also this gorgeous little coat, also for the midget:

and of course, we can't let the midgets piggies get cold:

All of that was under $11 all together.

Also got 4 pairs of these brand spankin new (but not midget sized) boots at Goodwill, and I came home and promptly listed them on ebay.

Also found some Richard Simmons tapes for Katie, some jeans for mark, and a great DiamondBack BMX style bike for Daniel for 6 bucks.

Days like this make ya feel rich.

Speaking of, had some great ceiling time this morning that made me feel absolutely on top of the world.


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