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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


The brit just left to go get the midge. Hm that sounds a little clandestine, doesn't it. The crow flies at midnight.

Im job searching and resume sending. I spend the first few hours of the day job hunting, then spend the rest of the day maintaining online sales stuff. Monitoring, packing, shipping..blah blah. It all adds up tho.

I have some appointments coming up, I don't want to talk about them tho. You know, jinx and all. I'll let you know if anything spectacular happens.

Tomorrow is Emma's first dentist appointment to get all her work done. Near as I can tell from the paperwork, she's having 4 teeth extracted tomorrow. Eeep. I'm going to go to the store in a bit and get some pudding, popsicles and applesauce type of stuff to have on hand. She wont be able to chew anything substantial for some time, Im sure. They're using concious sedation which seems like a good option. I did some reading on it and they say it feels like you've been asleep for the entire time, although you've actually been concious. It's recommended for small children having a lot of work done at once. I just hope she has a good night afterwards, and they give her something appropriate for discomfort in the days following. The work is costing a lot of money, (over a grand) but it's necessary, and urgent.

I remember when Katie and Daniel had a bout of bad dental problems for a time. The worst part (aside from the hundreds or probably thousands of dollars spent) was the stern "talking to" from the dentist about things that were rotting their teeth faster than all get-out. I was never so embarassed in all my life. They were not allowed soda (even sugar free, it's actually the combination of sugar and fizzy that makes it a huge problem), raisins (very very bad for your teeth, did you know?), candy and a bunch of other stuff. We had to switch to high calcium everything but amazingly, it worked. They still have dental "issues" now and then but they're few and far between and they've become much more diligent about dental hygiene, after everything they've gone through. We still buy non-soda drinks with calcium added and they take a supplement every day too. I, on the other hand are way behind in getting my teeth taken care of. Soon, soon. Gotta get Emma done and Katie's "failed" root canal fixed first. $Kaching$!

Well, that was fun. Dentistry 101 on this lovely Thursday afternoon. Tonight is Survivor, I should go take something out of the freezer for a yummy dinner.

Thanks for all the tag board messages, btw. Fun in a bun.


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