Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I will probably get kicked out of Blog land or something for posting so many pictures. Bandwidth! I need bandwidth! Anyway...

While Mark and I were driving home from Washington DC I got a sudden but unmistakeable bout of diarrhea. It hit me so suddenly, I was nearly crying till Mark could pull over. Thankfully, we were in a relatively populated part of Missouri. He pulled off quick and I ran into Texaco to get some Immodium and have a "sit". Well, this Texaco had only one bathroom for both men and women, and it was right off the you can imagine that it was a tad busy. I was not well. I made it out and into the car and hollered at Mark to find another bathroom where I could have some time. He pulled into McDonald's across the street and pulled out the newspaper while I ran inside.

But in my utter urgency, I saw something out of the corner of my eye as I ran in.


There were Amish people at McDonalds. a boy, and a girl. I'd never seen an Amish person in real life. Have you? Should it be weird to see them about? I couldn't think about it just yet. I finally got to a point in my immediate illness where I thought I could stand to get back on the road. Mark and I started talking about the Amish people and how weird it was. He pretended he didn't think it was that weird, but then he said:

"Take a picture"

I told him I didn't think that was allowed, and they already knew I was totally gawking at them anyway...but I was too tempted and took these 2 pictures. Mark disagreed when I said they arent supposed to have their picture taken, but when we got home we looked it up online and sure enough, it said they were against any photographs, as it appears to seperate and glorify one person over another. Whee.

This is all I could get:

Trish over at serenity quest mentioned Amish today and made me think of these two, and my childish gawking amid Montezuma's Revenge.


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