Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Amanda: Can you believe Kt will be 17 on Saturday? Can you believe I am 21? Do you feel old?
Danelle: No, not really.
Amanda: Well you should!
Danelle: Well I don't, Im not old.
Amanda: Yea, you kind of are.

Tonight has been very lazy. Made bbq pork ribs, garlic bread and beans. Nummmmay. Mark is listing books and I am chatting and faffing. Mary and I are anxiously awaiting Max to get home cause we hijacked his comments on his site. lol.

Tomorrow we have no plans. Thursday we have to drive 4 hours to Monte Vista so Mark can attend a meeting at Emma's school. Then we will stay the night at Dy's (Emma's mom) and drive back Friday. I am dreading the drive, believe me. I finished my book so I hve to find another good one by then. Lord knows I have a couple to choose from.

Im unmotivated and Im eating chocolate covered cherries. good move.


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