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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh man..this is the equivalent of passing notes back and forth in 5th grade. I'm having a great time chatting to my friends, let me tell you.

Today was...ugh. Just driving. 2 hours southward to drop the midge with mommy. Sometimes the drive is okay, today it just sucked. Really blah. Everything is dead. No scenery, no snow...just gray. Everything.gray.

Daniel is in troulble, rightfully so. But it doesn't make it any easier. Daniel's access to freedom and alone-ness is what he lives for it seems. So of course that's what gets taken away when he abuses it and it that is the end of the world to him; to not be able to get home from school and just go. But there are "checking in" rules and I get very worried very quickly when that time passes without a call. First I panic, then I get mad when they finally do call. It's because one time Katie didn't call. For 4 days. I was a blithering, suicidal mess. It was February, and it was snowing. I barely remember anything about those 4 days. Constant phone calls to friends and Charlie's mom (they were together) who I had never even met.

So when I think the call is overdue, I start thinking about that. What that felt like. And start replaying the past few days in my head. But then they do call. Then they are grounded.

Mom wants me to come to her house for Thanksgiving. Because "I already have all the stuff." What stuff is that? Food? Bring it over here. Kitchen implements? I was married for almost 15 years and I have a shitload of kitchen implements. Plus Mark and I just moved in together, so we merged two people's implements. We're loaded, baby.

But she wants us to come there. Ohh, man. I really don't think anyone is quite ready for that.

Grr. Where is Daniel.


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