Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Daniel just got on a bus and rode downtown. Squeee! Hope he does ok. Im mostly worried about him getting back home. and there's a veterans day parade, so I hope the streets aren't closed, and oh..Katie took my car to work and I'm worried about that..and ooh, Max and Mary are coming over tonight and I probably won't have time to get my house perfectly clean, and ooh..I have to go to the post office, and ooh I'm just worried about everything.

Mary has done a fabulous job on the CoLoggers web page. Look at it here. We want to get together at least once a month, so if anyone in Colorado (or Nebraska, Utah, New Mexico or Wyoming...we don't's your gas) wants to join us please do. We're harmless, really. But we do laugh a lot and make fun of everyone we know that isn't present. C'mon!

I have to go do something now. I don't know what.


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