Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Emma is so upset that Dylan is not coming over that she actually got herself is pseudo trouble. She asked so many times, and wanted to know why why why!! he's not coming over that Mark finally told her that "he's NOT coming, I told you he's NOT coming and don't ask me again. I mean it." 10 minutes later. "Why isn't Dylan coming?" Eeep! Run! Flee! Daddy's mad! lol.

She just loves that boy.

We are going to the post office (yes again, you think I'm kidding when I tell you we are there everyday. and to the grocery store, which will make everyone happy because we have had no bread, no milk, and no fruit for days. We have had diet coke, tho. Bread, milk and fruit can wait. Diet Coke I will go to the store at 11pm for.

Got a call today from the old dusty book place where i used to work to find out something about some damn thing I did last April. I was not about to help them figure anything out that I'd done way back when and who gives a flying fuck anyway. I know Miss Pretentious is the one that needed the info, along with the crony BB, who can take her "Let's Go Look At The Grass" committee and her board and shove it up her tight white ass. So I didn't feel too bad about pleading the fifth and repeating "I don't know. I don't remember. I don't recall". Hee. I'd be great on trial.

We also got into a discussion about Miss Yes This Is My Real Ass who I was disappointed to learn is still a living breathing human being. Ok, that was mean. But I'm not gonna erase it! Also found out that Farmer In The Dell is not in the running for the coveted Director position. Guess he couldnt get the wheat out of his teeth long enough to mumble through his thin lips for an interview.

I know, *venom*. It's not becoming. But it's cathartic. I don't brush things under the rug, I don't mince words. Y'all should know that by now.


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