Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


I've been remiss in my guestmap recognitionability. This brings up a point, btw. I think it is so rude when you sign someone's guestbook or guestmap and they completely ignore it. Or when I leave a tag or a comment and they don't respond at all. Ever. There a couple of sites especially where comments seem to go completely ignored, and it really bugs me. It's just me probably. I'm just a bitch.

Lucy came from Chicagoland to visit and said I was an intelligent wise-ass. Why thank you! I read her site semi regularly, her life is a mess too sometimes.
Mirso came all the way from Sarajevo, and he has a site Laura will probably love. It's a lot of very expensive art that I don't understand. Hellloooo Mirso!
Dr. D. The cute Jamaican dermatologist paid me a recipronacious visit. I love his blog. And hey, if ya got a zit or a canker, who ya gonna call, anyway? I added him to the blogroll. Rass!
Bry came and saw me from Rochester, said he was just browsing. Uh huh. We know how that works. We've seen the searches, haven't we? lol.

Ok, Im caught up.


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