Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Everything is still boring.

Chatted to Mary for a while tonight, what a hoot. I like her a lot. Yes a LOT. I LOVE her, ok? happy?

Katie got a job, that's news I forgot to post. She starts at Fazoli's tomorrow night. Yee haw. I can't WAIT to start having to go out in all kinds of weather to take her and pick her up from work. No, I'm being sarcastic. Im glad she got a job. At least someone is working. No one else I know is. this will be good for her to be working again. She's always so bummed about not having any spending money.

I was so irritated all night tonight. Mark and I went for dinner and a brew at Heavenly Daze. I really hated the beer I got, it was an Indian Pale Ale but tasted like ass. I only drank about 3 drinks. Had a yummy French dip tho. Love the au jus. but I was so grumpy, I was just talking smack about everyone in the place. Mark was joining in a little as we were naming people. There was Mr BaldyLonghair, The GetThatThingAwayFromMePrude, 3 guys we labeled FatDrunkAndStupid, there was The DrunkWomanThatCantStayInHerChair, and the BartenderThatDoesntOwnAMirror, cause she never would have left the house with her hair looking like that.

Then we were driving, and I was just so irritated and impatient with everything. Drivers, lights, pedestrians, nothing was acceptable. Everyone was a dumbass or an idiot. Mark HATES when I get like that...rightfully so. I was just in a really bad mood. I feel better now that I've had some bisquick.

And on that note...


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