Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Sometimes I am so glad that I only have to deal with certain people on a cursory level in my life. I would go nuts trying to explain to them over and over..."Listen, here's how it works. You have a problem with me, you tell me. That's how it gets fixed." It's fascinating really, how direct communication works. I think it's because they are afraid of the truth. Does that make sense? It's easier to just bitch and moan to someone else about what happened, and feel right and righteous...then to actually find out that it was your fault that it happened in the first place.

We just got back from seeing The RIng. Oooh, spooky ooky. Don't wait and see it on video, it will lose a lot of it's "oomph". It was so fun, there were only 3 other couples in the whole theater. Of course we're so silly we're hollering "Do you see two seats together anywhere?!" Then we went and visited Our Friends, The Postal Workers. Yesterday was a holiday..we were w-a-y behind! Now it's chill time. Right after the grocery store. *sigh.


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