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In the natural progression of life, love and the pursuit of happiness we must be all be taught to play board games. We all started somewhere.

Emma got a Candy Land game for Christmas, and it's been most interesting playing it with her. She already had the basic concept of the game down, but three things became immediately apparent:

1) She does not like it when someone else is winning (or God forbid, actually wins)
2) She'll whine longer than the game actually lasted when it's time to put the game away properly.
3) She has the attention span of about 1.5 games. That means she always wants to play 2 games, but by halfway through the second is a struggle to keep her focused.

I was dismayed to learn after buying this game that it incorporates one of my biggest pet peeves ever. When a company of children's products uses misspelled words on purpose, to be cute. But in effect they are doing a great disservice to young children trying to learn to read. I noticed in Candy Land, they had a "King Kandy". Grrr...

It's incredibly windy and cold outside now, even though it was 62 degrees when we left for the park this afternoon. Emma had the place to herself for a while, then this bratty little boy came and got snotty. They got into it after he got offended that Emma called him a "little boy". She said it nice, like "C'mere little boy" but he went into a tirade. "I am NOT a little boy!" Then dividing up the playground equipment - "This is the BIG boy slide, and you have to stay on the little girl slide" Mark and I could hear every word, but just sat there saying nothing, wondering where this would go. We didn't have to wonder long because just then the Korean Church that sidles the park let out and the park was instantly filled with 25 asian kids from 1 years old upwards. I'm pretty sure Emma was about to rip the "big boy" a new one, but she didn't get the chance cause suddenly there was no room for the "big boy", or the "little girl" on any slide.

Im headed for the couch..gotta be some good bad tv on.


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