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Something major is going on over at the Russians. They're my next door neighbors to the north. Their patio balcony door is very close to my front patio, so we can always hear stuff going on over there. They always speak in Russian, and they always sound angry. I think truthfully they are Czech, if I remember correctly. Anyway, earlier there was an ambulance at their house. I'm pretty sure it was the grandma..she's really really old and on nice days sits on a sofa on the balcony with a white scarf on her head. All day. It takes them 10 minutes to get her out the patio door and situated on the sofa.

So, an ambulance came but we weren't sure who it took. But there are about 4 main people in the house besides grandma, and they were all out there, shouting in Russian. (or whatever). Then they went in the house for a couple of hours. Now I was outside and heard the man and the woman talking loudly (as usual) on the front porch. then they slammed the door and left in the car. This is highly unusual, if only for the fact that their house is dark, quiet and locked up tight by 8:30 p.m. every night. (Well, I haven't actually checked the door, but they're definately down for the night.)

We're thinking grandma died. When the ambulance pulled away, it didn't have lights or siren on. I don't know what to expect over there if grandma's gone to that great polevka in the sky. They have some crazy get-togethers. Last summer, their daughter got married. We only knew for sure the day of the wedding when the Limos pulled up, but suspected something was up weeks earlier, when they kept having these crazy parties. They would set up these elaborate tents in the backyard and have tons of people over, and sing like there was no tomorrow. And the food, oh my god, they have the best smelling food ever.

It's so difficult to be the Neighborhood Monitor Of All and not have enough information to spread timely and accurate gossip.


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