Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


We're having so much fun, hope everyone's Christmas Eve is going well. If not, come on over here. The fire is blazing, Charlie's here, it's c-c-cold outside, we have booze, and we're drinking it.

After two glasses of wine I'm more than ready to open presents, but everyone else insists we have to wait until 7! What's so special about 7?! Actually, Mark is still wrapping. We went to the mall at 10pm last night and again today..., yes...the mall on Christmas he could finish shopping. We decided to get each other a small present and then write each other a heart felt note, so that's what we did. Everyone is in a good mood and we're all here together, and that's really nice.

Charlie got Kt a cell phone for Christmas! She wondered if the service would be transferred over to her, or what... but Charlie's dad just said "ooh, let's not worry about that right now.." so it's like they are paying it for some undetermined amount of time. Wildness. It's tiny and pink, very sexy.

My glass is empty. How the hell did that happen.


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