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Whatever, just crash it Bob...


edited after posting...This post turned into..I dunno, a conversation with myself. I was completely blathering on and on about ridiculous shit. It's the NyQuil, I'm telling you. It's evil. And wonderful.

I know it's 2:35am and Im sick. I should be in bed, drifting off and remembering days where my voice was vaguely feminine. I have absolutely no taste or smell. I mean none. Lots of times when I have a cold I feel like I can "hardly" taste or smell anything. But I am telling you, I have absolutely no taste or smell. That's so weird. We went out to our current favorite little chinese place after hauling books at Sally, and I could taste nothing. No spice, no sweetness. Everything was only distinguishable by it's consistency. And now, just getting ready for bed..I washed my face and put on favorite really smelly one, and... nothing. No scent. none.. I was sniffing really really hard. And then I start asking other if the lotion had "gone off" and spoiled and suddenly had no scent.
"Do you smell this lotion on my hands?" And they look at you like you've lost your mind.
"Uh yea, mom..duh."
Then you have to marvel to them how trippy this is. You know what it's making me want to do? Go eat something really really spicy. I hate spicy food with a passion, and balk at even the mildest of heat. Mild salsa is too hot for me. Generic frozen breakfast burritos are too spicy. I'm such an ass about it. I don't even like flavored chips (Nacho Doritos) because I think they're too spicy. Strangely enough, I love salt and vinegar chips. spicy. Difference. I dunno.
Then there's Katie and Daniel, who will grate a fresh habenero pepper onto a pizza, so much that my eyes can feel it from across the room. And they just chow it likes it's nothing. Daniel goes through hot sauce like I can't believe, and when I buy it, he always wants the hottest one available. When we go out for chinese he always has to ask for hot mustard, and the waitress will tell him "It's really hot"..and yet he will run out of whatever she gave him...dipping every bite in it. Then he repeatedly states thorought the meal
"Oh my god, this is so spicy."
"Look, my face is red!"
"Look, my ears are burning up!"
"Look at my eyes, I'm crying!"

But he loves it. It's like this big joke that I just don't get. I feel left out never being able to whoop and holler about how wonderful something is because it's so damn hot.
So this total lack of taste and smell sensation is making me want to go eat something really spicy I want my ears on fire and tears running down my face..and not be able to taste it. It makes me want to go drink vinegar. Eat salsa and doritos.

Oh, you know what would be really good to eat with no sense of taste? Mushrooms (yea, those) cause they taste soooo shitty. Those were the days, my friend.


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