Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Congratulations Brian!!

I felt like there at the end it was a toss up between Hitler and Ginghas Kahn. But that's what it's all about isn't it? I think Ted said it best, it came down to choosing the lessor of two evils.

I always liked Brian, but I thought maybe there at the end things were getting to him. He became very absorbed and focused, almost to a "Lord of the Flies" quality. I also thought that the betrayal of Helen at the end would hurt him in the jury's vote, but true to his character, he softened her, apologized..
and she bought it.

My first and always choice had been Jake. I liked him from the very beginning, and had he been sitting there with any of the final 4..he would have won, no question. He was true blue, if you ask me. And truthfully, If Brian had taken Jan with him to the end, she would have won. But he knew that. He knew he had to take the lazy ass bumbling bumpkin or he'd lose. He was no dummy.

Most interesting is that The Smoking Gun reports that Brian and his lovely non-bug-eating wife have seperated following a domestic incident where she punched him in the nose, resulting in a restraining order barring her from going anywhere near him or the house. She's since removed her belongings from their home, and they plan to divorce.

Very interesting indeed.

Next, Survivor - the Amazon. With a "twist like you've never seen before..."
I can't wait.


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