Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Oh my god. who woulda thunk that whiny Flo and patient Zach would pull their heads out long enough to come out on top of the Amazing Race. I was so excited at the end, I could hardly stand it. I feel so bad for the other teams tho, they were so close behind. By the time there was 5 minutes left, I wanted everyone to win. What a great show. I was actually picking at my eyebrows during the last few minutes, and I now have a little tiny sparse (not quite bald) spot there. Hopefully no one will notice.

Tomorrow...3 hours of Vivor. Wow. We have to get up early and be at Sally by 9 am tomorrow, they're doing books by the bag, but Mark has to be out of town by 12:30 to go get the midge. It normally takes us about 3 hours to do a good haul, so we'll have just enough time. Im not sure if I'm making the drive also, I've been hit with a wicked head we'll see.

Katie was in school today, Miss Cindi, but she got out at 11. Finals. Tomorrow, same thing. Then winter break time.

Im heading for the couch.


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