Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


Well Mark and Emma made it to MV alright. I got a quick offline IM letting me know. Mark called me earlier and said "I thought I would call and say goodnight before I dropped out of (cell) range". That was really nice. I was sad when they left..I really don't do goodbyes very well. 2 years ago I took Mark to the airport to go to the UK to visit his family for 10 days. I bawled..and we weren't even together then! lol.

So we made ornaments out of this baking soda/cornstarch recipe I found online. They came out really cute, thought it turned into an all-evening affair. They had to cook for an hour!

I'm on Mark's computer and it's damn hot here in the basement. Trying to keep up on the orders. Gonna go chill on the couch for an extended period.


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