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Well it was interesting to say the least. The time and tide are wearing them down, that much is obvious. They are gaunt, grouchy, and getting very serious. Everyone left knows they are a true contender now. Although I think we all know that Jan will not be in the final two. Next week we will know.

Who will it be? A lot will depend on immunity challenges. I would like to see Helen and Brian go head to head in the end, but again, a lot of things and circumstances will have to be on their side first.

I was so surprised that they left Clay in. My only guess is that everyone views him as a weak contender, and it's time to keep those people around now.

I was sorry to see Ted go, but I think he was ready and even a little prepared. He knew the alliances were crumbling, and that it was every man for himself now.

But geez maneez the jury looks good, dont they? Good lookin people once they get cleaned up.

Im on pins and needles till next week.

Katie and I spent 2 hours at the Salvation Army in Northglenn today. Good lord, people that is the best thrift store around. We came home with 4 big bags packed to the hilt (all clothes, mostly for ourselves, a couple for the midget) for $20. Yippee.

I had planned to do some massive baking tomorrow, but I have decided to put it off for a week, as Emma has an eye dr. appointment, plus we might traipse around to see if Santa is in the area anywhere...hee. Saturday we are making homemade clay ornaments, lord knows my tree needs em. I did find a purple star ornament at Sally today tho, that was cool.

Amanda is stressing that she doesn't know what to get me. Im at a loss. I remember how irritated I used to get at my mom when she wouldnt tell me what she wanted, but it really is true. I dont need anything. I am stocked to the hilt on kitchen stuff, I buy clothes for myself and am kinda picky about em, I need stupid stuff like socks. People hate buying you socks. But I wont buy them for myself, cause I need the money for other things, and to me, socks are pricey. I need lotion and cologne but people think that is boring to buy for you too. I wish the kids could just see something and go "oh yea..that's my mom". I want gift certificates for things I wont spend money on like movies. Obviously anything Survivor or The Amazing Race related would be cool too.

And then here I sit at a loss as to what to get my mother.

I thought of a really good idea for Mark, but Im not sure I have time. As usual, it's a production to put together and I just don't know if it will work.

Where the hell is my child support check, by the way?


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