Desert Sand Mica

Whatever, just crash it Bob...


"So, if you know any good ones, as a bredren, share dem nuh"...

Are you all reading The Doctor Is In ? I know I've mentioned him before but his blog is just so fun. He's a very handsome dermatologist (single!) in Jamaica. He writes with an accent if he's feeling fun, and his blog is truly interesting to read. Go see.

And thanks to Margie who came and signed my guestmap after I signed hers. She writes: "Like your site!" I think that really means "I'm politely reciprocating! bye!" lol. It was the first guestmap activity in two weeks, so I was glad to see her.

Mark's watching "Changing Lanes". The kids are in bed, and Im bored, thristy, lazy and craving chocolate. I have worries and I want them to go away.


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